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ProFitness Personal Training will NOT be offering limited memberships; clients must purchase and complete an Initiation package. This is to ensure that each client has been properly assessed and has an understanding of how to use our equipment as well as a proper fitness program.

No, but you still must complete a fitness assessment, test, and orientation. This is offered as part of ProFitness Personal Training's personal training packages.

If you are unfamiliar with exercise and fitness, have difficulty sticking with a program, or just want to get more out of your workouts, then personal training is for you.

ProFitness Personal Training trainers are certified, knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

Your training will begin with a consultation to determine your goals, exercise and health history. Then you will complete a fitness test and assessment. After that is completed your trainer will begin to develop your program and get you started on a regular fitness regime.

No. Because of the nature and limited size of our facility, we must ask that each client book their fitness session(s) by appointment. This will ensure the continued private and relaxed atmosphere that ProFitness Personal Training wants to maintain.

Yes, because there is limited space, high demand, and preparation time is spent by your trainer to coordinate his or her schedule to meet with you. If you have not provided us with at least 24 hours notice, you will be deducted/charged your session.

We offer a discounted rate if you wish to train with another person(s). Our trainers are experienced enough to accommodate both needs and abilities of each partner and will tailor the workouts as much as possible to each individual.

Yes. But only after we have properly screened him or her to ensure that they are certified, experienced, and insured.

You can train out of ProFitness Personal Training as an independent subcontractor. We will even help you set up an LLC or other business entity so that you may take advantage of the tax benefits available to you as a subcontractor. We offer our trainers a 70/30 split, one of the best in the industry.

Our Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on providing 100% dedicated service to every one of our clients. We inspire and lead each person to reach their fitness potential through a no-nonsense, no-fad, no-gimmick based path to health and fitness which guarantees success.

Our Training Philosophy is Simple: TRAIN SMART, WORK HARD, EAT RIGHT, RECOVER, and HAVE FUN!

Profitness Training Staff